Thai Yoga Style Massage

Tender, yet firm pressures along the body's energy lines work to relieve muscle and joint tension, improve circulation, release toxins and promote relaxation. Stretching techniques help increase flexibility and ease of movement.

Swedish Massage

Long relaxing strokes with kneading, friction and shaking motions are designed to sooth muscles, improve circulation and promote overall health and well-being while relieving tension and soreness. 

Combo Massage

Our most popular massage combines Swedish and Thai techniques. We start with warming up the body with Thai Massage, apply organic massage oil and utilize both long strokes and focused pressure targeting knots and muscle tension. Stretching and the use of thumbs and elbows will relieve stress, relax muscles, increase flexibility and make you feel revitalized.
Any Massage Above: 60 min $50 • 90 min $75 • 120 min $95

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage

Some clients require a more intense massage that is deeper and uses higher pressure to achieve desired results to work on knots, work out soreness and so on. This massage is usually best used with the Combo Massage.
60 min $55 • 90 min $85 • 120 min $110

Couples Massage

Revive is pleased to feature our COUPLES MASSAGE ROOM where two can get a massage together in a romantic and soothing environment. People love it!
For Two: 60 min $98 • 90 min $145 (Deep Tissue $5/$7.5 more each)

Foot Massage

Try a relaxing therapeutic foot massage working on specific pressure points to support the health of the entire body and release stress.
30 min $30 • 45 min $40 • 60 min $50

Hot Stone Massage

Warm, smooth stones are applied to the body using traditional Swedish Massage movements. This treatment promotes increased blood flow and energy balance and heat helps penetrate and relax muscles.
60 min $70 • 90 min $95

Thai Herbal Ball Massage

This energizing, rhythmic massage utilizes a variety of herbs heated and applied to the body. This is a very therapeutic massage and a truly unique and healthy experience.
60 min $70 • 90 min $95 • 120 min $120


Package of 5 massages: SAVE $3 each (60 min) SAVE $5 each (90min)
Package of 10 massages: SAVE $5 each (60 min) SAVE $8 each (90min)